Go-Solar Electrical (PTY) ltd looking for a manager

Hi all. My company is looking at appointing a manager in our Pretoria branch.

Main Duties.

Direct communication with clients.
System design.
Overseeing the quotation process to ensure quick and efficient response to enquiries.
Installation schedule management.
Technical support for installation teams.
Business expansion and new installation team training,

Applicants must have solar design, installation, administrative as well as technical support experience.

If anyone is interested , please PM me.


I am bumping this…

Truely, it is one of the most difficult things to find someone with experience. We have advertised for the third time yesterday. we get applicants from mechanics, healthcare workers, plumbers, warehouse staff to dog groomers stating they are perfect for the solar industry.

Come on guys, someone should know someone that is in need of a job, with the brains to work in the solar industry, truly this cant be that difficult. I am desperate for someone that is trainable, someone i can dump my little knowledge and experience into… someone that can ensure I can concentrate on product development and R&D…

Please guys, PM me the number of someone that will make it, or at least of someone that has the potential to to make it.

Pretoria area is a must.

I might know of someone. I will chat to him to test the water. He is been an electrician at a well established electrical company for many years and they recently started doing solar installations as well.

So the AC foundation is well established and he also recently completed a basic solar installation course. I’ll get back to you Jaco.