George L (Jhb or is that JBay)

hi all

G here… Originally from Alberton, in a semi “interesting” setup now, moved the wife and kids down to Jeffreysbay 2 years ago, and I stay/share a flat with a guy in Alberton now, travel down to JBay every 3 weeks, or well that was before C19, came down in March 2020 for my son’s BD and havent been back to Jhb

Work in IT (Architect, previously technology product specialist for Oracle, followed by IBM-STG), tinker with my alarm system (Paradox) and HA, and far to many Sonoff’s, hmm reminds me need to get more.

Got a nice Victron + Pylontech setup to make me not now when Eskom f’s up (also visible/shown in HA)

Have a OpenEnergyMonitor system deployed, with current coils around every wire in the DB.

etc etc

MTB over the weekend’s.



Welcome George, glad you here…

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