Gas Shortage Concerns

Interest (long) webinar on the future SA gas shortage…

This sprung to mind the first time I read about the gas issue SAL, Railways, Eskom before that … :

ANC Bus … :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Poor reporting! Has the Mocambique gas fields run out of gas or is Sasol using more of the stuff??

Just read it again more carefully!

“With Sasol set to curb production of the fuel from its fields in Mozambique between 2026 and 2027 as reserves dwindle and retain more output for its own operations”

A bit of history would help itr. SA used to make it’s own ‘coal gas’ but then with Sasol burning off gas in its refineries it made sense to use this waste product.
It seems now that things have changed but I would like to know what the story is behind the story…(which I’m sure we haven’t been informed of)

It is very dirty to make gas (and liquid) from coal. To reduce pollution and to get in line with new enviroment legislation Sasol is reducing the coal they use for this, and replacing it with gas. This is the reason they are starting to use more gas (and want to sell less).

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But probably Sasol is tired of supplying gas and not getting paid when they should be… :roll_eyes: