For Sale: Victron Multiplus 12/800 and accessories

Item: Small inverter/charger. Ideal for small house or flat. Can run lights, TV, Internet, maybe a small fridge/freezer. Comprising the following:

  • Victron Multiplus 12/800/35-16 230V Sine Wave Inverter Charger VE.Bus + (R7500)
  • Victron Interface MK3-USB VE.Bus To USB + Rest (R1100)
  • Raspberry Pi 2 +
  • battery box +
  • 100A fuse and fuse holder +
  • 25mm2x1m positive and negative battery cables

Age: Inverter and interface cable 5months

Price: R8 000 the lot

Payment Method Accepted: EFT / Instant EFT

Warranty: Inverter & Mk3 interface cable-balance of 5yr.

Packaging: Inverter and interface in original packaging. All combined in a sturdy box.

Condition: Like new

Location: Vredenburg, West Coast

Reason: Upgraded to system that can accommodate solar.

Shipping: At buyers cost and risk.

Collection: Yes, by arrangement.

Link: Victron MultiPlus 12/800/35-16 230V Sine Wave Inverter Charger VE.Bus | LiveStainable

Have added individual pricing if there is anyone is interested in individual components.

If I had monies laying around, for the MP and batt, I would take it now.

Let’s chat on WhatsApp, see where that goes?

Will throw in some Victron promo goodies with the loadshedding kit:

Can also deliver to within 10km radius of Panorama Clinic in Cape Town on 6th or 26th April.

The Multiplus and Quattro range should come with a cap as standard. :sweat_smile:

:rofl: :rofl: but I thought that they do…

Sorry folks, battery sold individually, pricing adjusted accordingly.

Please :roll_eyes:, no more lowballers… it’s unbecoming…

Jissis, Truely???

We as approved installers are licking there ^!@%#$ clean begging for this, so we can keep our teams on the advertising campaign. We cant even buy these. FFS!!!

I have major BLue installers in SA that went on their word and branded their vehicles, attended and manned shows on their behalf, spending up to R100k on banners and branding, only to be told that that’s for their own account.

I am still blue by heart, but really… i would only recommend them for big reliable solutions. For domestic, well that’s another story?

Jeez Jaco, not sure if its me you so pee’d off with, or the Blue guys.

I recently attended one of the Victron Training Roadshow events where I was fortunate enough to acquire these. Cooler bag and headlamp were giveaways for answering a couple questions correctly, all attendees received a cap and notebook, and they dished out the polo shirts at the end.

I don’t wear caps and the shirt is too big for me, XL was the smallest size they had. What do you think I should I do with them?

Definatly not you buddy… Long time build up frustration.