For Sale: Svolt 184AH cells & accessories (BMS, busbars etc.)

Item: 16x Svolt 184ah Cells & accessories (I have 2 sets of these)

Age: New

Price: R27 000 per set

Payment Method Accepted: EFT is preferable

Warranty: No

Packaging: Some of the original packaging

Condition: Brand new, unused

Location: Fourways / Kyalami, Johannesburg

Reason: Plans have changed

Shipping: Yes, your cost & risk

Collection: With pleasure

Link: SVOLT 184Ah 3.2V LiFePO4 Blade Battery Cell – ALTERGRID lifepo4 cell

So I was planning on building 2x DIY batteries each consisting of 16 of these Svolt 184ah blade cells although plans have changed so they’re going up for sale.

I have pretty much all other accessories required to build the battery, below is a list of what I will include with each set:

16x Svolt 184ah Blade Cells (9.4 kWh)

1x JK 150A BMS (JK-B1A24S15P) with balancing cables & temp probes

1x JK BMS button

1x set of 5m silicone red & black cable & ring lugs to extend the balancing cables if needed

1x Set of busbars & clips to connect all cells in series

1x Set of nuts & washers to secure the busbars

1x Victron M8 dual terminal set (red & black)

6x Wago PCT223 Connectors to easily extend the BMS balancing cables (if needed)

As mentioned, I have 2 of these sets and each set would build a 51.2v battery with a total of 9.4 kWh.

If you were to take both you’d then be sitting with 18.8kWh of batteries for under R55k, some of the parts are not available locally and I have to import them (like the clips & busbars)

These are LiFePO4 cells, they are brand new first life cells and are 1C rated. At this price it works out to R2872.34 per kWh