For sale Pylontech us3000 battery and 3 bay cabinet

Item: Us3000 battery

Age: just over 1 year

Price: R13 500

Warranty: yes

Condition: still very good SOH= 98% cycles=352

Location: Kempton Park

Reason: got bigger battery

Shipping: pref not

Collection: yes

Item: Pylontech 3 bay battery cabinet

Age: just over a year

Price: R3 250

Condition: still good

Location: Kempton park

Reason: not needed

Shipping: pref not

Collection: yes

@Tariqe was looking for a 3000. Not sure if your model is a B?

I am in Cape Town, and yes, is it a B or a C

I have A/B 's Not sure how you tell them apart, got 3 in total but only selling 1 at a time and replacing them with up5000’s

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You can send a courier to his place to pick it up. Eg SkyNet has a website where you enter weight and dimensions and they will tell you what it will cost. It probably won’t be cheap, but give it a go. Downside is… you haven’t had a chance to inspect the goods. Might be better to call a friend up North… :slight_smile:

I had Courier Guy deliver an 80kg hunting chair on a 1m square pallet all the way from Uitenhage to Benoni for R1400. So I’m sure shipping a battery will be a lot cheaper

Is it still available?


yes they are

Shipping your inverter to me was R290. I assume a single battery would be around the same as it’s physically smaller but a little heavier

Still up for grabs

Good morning… Is the battery still available? Thanks

1 battery is sold, have 2 more, but only selling them when I have funds to replace them with bigger batteries
Cabinet is still up for grabs

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JouPa did you sell all the batteries yet?