For sale: Multiplus II 3kva 48V GX

Bought in May 2021 so some decent warranty left. I also have a new (bought with inverter but never used) CT for it and can include a pylontech canbus cable for it (also purchased with inverter)

Located in Randburg

Not sure what a decent price would be but make me an offer

Still looking for a home for this one…

Depends on your expected price. :slight_smile:

It is a tough one to add to an existing system, the firmware having to match.
On its own, it is a wee bit light in the broek for most of us, unless one starts (as I once did) with a 3kva.

So it is all about what you expect.

Ps. I cannot make an offer, as it may “ruin the friendship”. :innocent: :wink:

Fully agree @TheTerribleTriplet

In full disclosure mode because I had someone from another forum ask me about this…

“Can I use this in my apartment or is it noisy?”

Frank and honest disclosure - this is why my wife made me replace it. The fan isn’t there to sing you to sleep, it is there to cool the inverter. The relays open/close with “a reassuring thud” and under really low loads you do get a bit of hum.

So with that being said… this would have handled my current workload just fine… no you can’t run your whole house on this (especially not if there’s a borehole, booster pump, big pool and and and going) but it will punch above it’s weight any day and will do so reliably (if not quietly).

Ps. I found these noises a lot less annoying than the high frequency noise from the sunsynk

You must still give what you think you want for it … :wink:

IRO the noise, it is what it is. The latest model 5kva is SO much quieter.

May 2021 seems to be before that you may be impacted by the noisy fan which has a fix with retrofit PWM controller. I’m assuming you have part number PMP482306000?

I have that installed in my 5kVA Multi II and it is amazing what difference it makes.


There is also the Silence fan assistant that helps out at night:

Reason why I’m posting this is I don’t think the noise should dissuade you from buying it, but does depend on how far away from your bed you’re installing it and how much load you’re putting through it overnight.