For Sale: 9U Interactive IT Battery Rack

I have a 9U battery rack for sale that can fit either four US2000, three US3000, or two US5000 Pylontech batteries. Included is four 120mm PC fans I installed for additional cooling and a power supply.

Dimensions assembled - W 550mm X D 500 mm X H 470mm.

  • Perforated front door
  • Lockable front door
  • 25MM Gland holes on each side and rear
  • Top/bottom access hole
  • Adjustable feet
  • Heavy-duty uprights
  • Modular stackable

Item: 9U Interactive IT Battery Rack
Price: R2200
Payment Method Accepted: eft or cash
Packaging: None
Condition: Excellent, only slight scratch on top
Location: Centurion, Gauteng
Reason: Upgraded to larger rack
Shipping: Collection preferred or shipping at buyer cost and risk
Collection: Yes

very neat, in stark contrast to my diy hanging battery rack [sans perspex cover] for the same batts :crazy_face:

@gabriel Just check with the battery manufacturer if they allow the batteries to be mounted that way.

tx @Thaelian - i know blue nova dont mind but i’ll check with pylontech although their manual gives no indication…

I emailed Pylontech and they replied that they prefer the batteries used in the horizontal orientation. I was originally planning on mounting them on their sides, vertically as it’s shown in the manual as an example so I assumed it would be fine to do so .

I think since the batteries have been in use for some time now, Pylontech have changed their minds. In the instruction manual for the US5000 for example, it shows the battery can be hung as you would like but need to be supported from below so that all the weight is not on the front panel. They explicitly say it can’t be mounted vertically.

Just something to consider. The manuals could certainly be clearer in this regard.