Flickering lights

Is flickering lights normal with an inverter (Victron Quattro II 5kVA)? This is with and without grid power available and with a stable load, i.e. no kettle, vacuum cleaner, etc. running. When I switch over to straight grid power, the flickering goes away.

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What type of lights are flickering?

LED house lights.

Are they all flickering all the time?

Depends on the quality of the LED lamp as well. Perfectly normal for them to flicker a bit, though it is irritating. It won’t happen when on the grid. The grid has a much harder signal than the inverter.

I found that my lights/led flicker when its only a very small load. Small load = 50w or less. But as soon as a big load is connecting, then all good.

Something todo with a small load, the inverter has to work extra hard to keep the output/ frequency constant.

It is not ALL the time, but often enough to notice. I guess I will just have to live with it then.

Thanks gents.

Flickering LEDs are a pain and it’s not easy trying to deal with this problem. The load they draw is insignificant and this is the cause of this problem.
I have repeatedly championed the use of DC as a power source and since it has already been discussed check it out:DC as a supply to equipment

I don’t have this issue, but I’m sure it is there.

IF it was an irritation for me, I have two options:

  1. Get an LED that does not flicker.
  2. Put an incandescent bulb in one socket to up the load of the inverter a teeny bit.
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My base load is consistently >500W. Surely that should be enough?

Yes, that is enough, at least, I think it will be.

If I’m right, then the LED’s make and model could be looked at. One bulb at a time.