Flashing devices with Tasmota

I haven’t flashed a Sonoff in years and have to right now. Looked up all my notes on doing so, when I realized it is only for Linux and almost 4 years old.

Got curious to see how it changed and was blown away when I saw how easy it has become.

Called Tasmota Web install, straight out of Chrome using Windows or Linux

Maybe someone can use this.


Yup, chrome web version does the complete install. One just has to put the device in “programming” mode, and voila :slight_smile:

I still remember the days of soldering wires, missing the contacts while doing so, burning fingers…the good old day :smiley:

Ha! An actual sighting of an error where the cause was actually “you’re holding it wrong”. :rofl:

[1] Apple's Response to iPhone 4 Antenna Problem: You're Holding It Wrong | WIRED

I still solder a header into every new Sonoff I buy… :slight_smile:

I still flash them by wire, but I use the “prestik pins-through-the-holes” approach nowadays.