Flashing a device?

We have an Ipad that became obsolete/useless. Wife and teenager used it about 10 years ago with a different apple Id to access abroad app stores with a much better and bigger selection of games, apps etc.

The Ipad became really old, so old that it stopped doing IOS updates for at least 3-4 years. All was fine and then one day the unthinkable happened. The Ipad did in automatic IOS updated and rebooted whilst we were asleep. You can guess the rest.

We (read wife and son) were unable to remember the apple id and much less its password. I’ve exhausted all avenues and recovery steps as advised by the Apple Store, but you never actually get to speak to a person to assist.

So save from exhausting my last avenue, which entails taking it to a local I-store for assistance, I thought I’d ask here.

Seeing as it is still an electronic device, can this thing be flashed and loaded with new software/firmware? Maybe this Raspberry Pi stuff?

I really just want to use it as an extra device to monitor my solar setup and the CBI smart device.

I really doubt if the Istore guys will be able to help, as we have no way to prove ownership. We still have the correct pin, but once we get to the apple id part and password, we cant go further.

Is there any way to remedy this?

Best would be to create a new Apple ID, reset to factory and use new ID. I had an old Air that I wanted to save for HA, but it was just too slow and lethargic for Lovelace. It even battled to stream images from the cameras. The lightning charge port was messing around, I tried opening it to fix the charge port and ended up ruining it. It ended up in the holiday cleanup purge pile.

I really am I noob with this, but I know enough to know that this is not possible.

If it was that simple, then apple Ipods and Ipads and Iphone theft would be rife.

You cannot reset to factory settings without having the old id and pasword that was on the device when it shut down.

I mean, how would you get to the correct menu/setting to do this? You have to restart the device with its existing id and password.

Ah yes, that’s true. Eish.

Maybe have a look at this?

I watched the video, but past experiences has shown that this is waaaay beyond my skill set. I have worst luck when it comes to software, updates etc.

I will run into a hundred other problems before I even get to what is required in the video. But thanks.

I’m actually looking for someone that can do this. This is why I thought about flashing the device if this is even possible on an IOS device.

The video also mentions the Reiboot Pro software that can supposedly restore the Ipad to factory settings.

Anyone in Pta that has this program and willing to help me?

The cheapest license I can buy works out to R540.00 valid for a month but I’m not prepared to spend this amount if this program doesn’t solve the issue. If I knew for a fact that this will work, then I’m happy to spend the money.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t you be able to go into Restore mode with a PC and the iPad connected to iTunes?

Or does the device have an Activation Lock enabled? https://support.apple.com/en-za/HT201441

Nope, this speaks about the passcode.

Completely different thing when you forget/lose your Apple Id. I tried the I-Tunes recovery way a few times. It doesn’t work that way.

And I suppose this assumes that you have backed up your device, which is not the case with this Ipad.

That is halve way to buying a Raspberry PI. Do I sense the start of a new Home Assistant journey … ?? :thinking:

Maybe you should rather consider the PI option and get the computing power you would require for future projects…

Look at This!, You would need to add a power supply and if you buy it, I will sponsor you a standard red and white case that i received with my first PI4 and never used.

Edit: I forgot, you would also need a Micro SD as well.

Have you tried these steps?

Hi Jaco. Yes I have tried these ones as well. I have been through Apple Support has to offer but no luck.

Though I read a lot about what all you guys talk about doing and accomplishing with HA, it is all just a concept to me, something that sounds and probably is nice, but until I actually see what can be done with HA, I don’t know what I’m missing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am seriously interested though but this will have to wait for later. I have other priorities at the moment which calls on all my time and funds.

I know nothing about HA, but must admit that the idea to be able to open my gate and garage door remotely, or activate my pump for the sprinkler system from my phone does appeal to me.

Maybe a practical demonstration of what HA is capable of doing is what I need.

That sounds like a video request @JacoDeJongh and @Paul :smiley:
Youtube fame awaits!

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To be honest, I have personally seen @ebendl 's Home assistant setup and can form a pretty good picture of what @Paul ’ s system must look like. I would prefer not showing of my “Yaris” against their “Fortuners”…

I can only imagine what @gbyleveldt and @Louisvdw must have in their systems.

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Those guys houses are like self-driving Tesla’s!

Not so sure about that one… 99% of my stuff was done on a shoe string I think the correct term is “spoeg en plak” but boy do I enoy every moment.
I think any system is perfect as long as it provides to your needs and you are happy :slight_smile:

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Mine’s still a Hilux SFA I’m afraid, but getting there. Getting your home ‘connected’ with HA is only the first step in the journey. Making your home ‘smart’ is the difficult part as your imagination is the limit/hurdle


does it switch on…
guess you don’t have the pin anymore, so can’t log in.
if it’s not locked like that, but you can get to settings, and know the username/appleid used then do a password reset. (should take you through a reset of the pw via email, then come back and do a factory reset.


If you don’t know what the email is from that apple ID then you will not be able to reset it.

But regarding flashing firmware. You can only flash firmware that are created for that specific device. The firmware contains the required drivers that is used on that device for the CPU, chipset, graphics, wifi, display, etc.

To revert to a previous version you could try

or https://www.macworld.co.uk/how-to/downgrade-ios-3664217
But I have no experience in this for an iPad.