Few parts, bits and pieces for sale if anyone is interested - all SOLD

DC Parts:
3 x 200amp Victron Mega Fuses: make an offer? (no pic)
10 x 20a 1000v fuses: make an offer? (no pic)
2 x DC battery disconnects: : R 200 each
1 x Blue Sea Dual Battery switch: R 400.00
3 x 300amp Battery Pole Mounted Fuses: R 500 each

1 x Combiner box with 1 x 40amp NoArk breaker and 2 x fuses: R 600.00 onco

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@TheTerribleTriplet where are you located? and are these items still for sale?

I’m sure he will be along shortly, but I can answer this one so long: He’s in Bellville, Western Cape side.


Hi, sold some gave rest to Jaco de Jongh.