Feeler: Longi 455w - LR4-72HPH-455M (Blue Cells)

I’m considering upgrading my panels, but that would mean getting rid of my 6 x 1-year-old ones.
Is there much of a market for 2nd hand panels as you rarely see any listed?

So this post goes in both directions. Would sell for a decent price, but would also buy more for a decent price.

The dilemma with PV panels that are not exactly the same is matching them to others that you may have or are planning to buy.
However 6 panels is a reasonable number to sell as an array so they might sell easily…

Yeah, there is a market for panels…they are like hen’s teeth, especially for DIY’ers

O yes, as per Robert. People look for panels to match theirs not able to find any.

Also, one can add a second MPPT for them. :man_shrugging:

I see panels on Market Place quite often. Sometimes selling for ABOVE market price, but because you can get them now (and not in two months when the next container lands), people are willing to pay the price.

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