Feeding back to the grid.... out of the blue

So a little awkward, out of the blue my system started to feed back to the grid, the only change I have made 2 days ago was to add a 2nd battery, and gave v3-15rc venusOS a try, with the MK update as well.

At about 11:30 it just started to dump ever it could ~0.6kWh. I changed from battery life disabled to enabled, no change, then to keep battery’s charge which did stop if finally, changed back and its behaving its’s self again.

Has me a little rattled

Some other info;
The new battery has a large imbalance at 99%-100$ of ~0.1 to 0.15V which I assume BMSis trying to fix.

Got a high DC ripple during this event, unsure why.

Have reverted Venus OS to 2.92 I think

Link to 24hours of VRM

In ESS set Grid Feed in to OFF.

Yes all settings off there

Very strange… Can only think the GX lost comms to the inverter for some reason for that period.

All logging was working 100, vrm lige page, vrm logging, mqtt to ha, local page during the event. Not one hicup with recordered data

Waiting for the BlueGuru - he will be around soon as he is talking nonsense in another chat about towing EV’s…:wink:

Yeah I don’t know why it did that… sorry.

Well that wasn’t expected

Looking a bit deeper, it looks like it only used PV to feed in, not battery.

I would have to spend way more time looking at the reasons for why it did that, what batteries are involved, are there PV-inverters in the system, etc etc. So I am not saying I cannot figure it out… I am saying I don’t have nearly enough information to work with.

@Dylan , Home, or Parents? Time Frame?

Thanks Plonkster, its for home. Today at 11:30AM

Can’t really explain it. Multi seems to be confused and feeding in Overvoltage. There’s more weirdness going on. The battery is asking for 55V all the time, but the Multi is aiming for 57.4V, and then slowly dropping it over time as if it is doing temperature compensation (ie, it’s not following the battery for whatever reason). So when the battery voltage exceeds 55V (which it does after 11:27) the Multi starts feeding it into the grid.

Don’t know why, and whatever caused it is now long gone.

So… call me if it happens again?

You got it, thanks.

Only thing as for voltages this BSL battery is 104Ah, which isn’t listed on the Victron docs and where the last one asks for 54.5V this one is 55V. Side note 57.4V is high

Should I limit the charge voltage to 55V in DVCC as additional protection?

I doubt that will do anything in this case, because the breakdown in communications (or whatever it was) was on the other side of this. If it was still ongoing I could look into that, but it has since decided to straighten up and behave properly :slight_smile:

I wonder if its related to v3.00,

This seems similar but not exactly the same.

Were there any changes that could result in this behaviour?

No. Yes, there was a LOT of changes related to making the ESS loop faster, but the way the calculation is done did not change.

Also, there’s information missing. Is there a grid meter at the site? What kind of grid meter? Eg, EM24 is known to be noisy around certain points, so we did this, which is not in a release yet.

There has also been firmware updates to the Multi, and the one at your site was when the Multi went on its own and ignored the setpoint from the GX device.

Also, it has to be said that when you tell people that a new release has some changes, they tend to look very hard at everything, and then they find all these old bugs.

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