Fair Cape!

I have just arrived in this absolutely stunning Cape, I spend most of my childhood and a few years of my working career here and there is no words to describe the feeling every time I arrive here… and then the opposite when I leave.

I think this is my 11th time in 2 years and my visits vary between 2 weeks and 7 weeks at a time.

I am seriously considering opening a branch here or even moving my head office to the Cape and flying to other areas as my teams complete jobs.

The way I see it, there is so much work down here, and for sure, the regulations down here leaves no grey areas. Its right or wrong. (I like it that way)

All your CapeTown guys, do you think there is a market for another permanent installer down here?

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I don’t think that’s the right question @JacoDeJongh

Do you want to live in “The Cape”? Is maybe better…
Yes - business will sort itself
No - …

You already travel so where do you feel “Home” needs to be :wink:

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Sometimes we know the answers, but we still want to ask… :thinking:



Even more so if you can fly out to other provinces with teams onsite there.

I can’t speak to Cape Town specifically but something to keep in mind is that the Western Cape as a whole has probably seen a fair increase in people relocating there - especially with more people being able to work from home who previously would not have the option to relocate and keep their salaries etc.

So competition is increasing and things like house prices are a bit crazy. It is bit of an ethical dilemma perhaps, but the so far lack of much regulatory enforcement to the north might just be a benefit worthwhile to stay for a bit longer. As dit pap reën…


Time to move soon then. Can’t see people stopping the migration anytime soon. Or come join us in rural Eastern Cape… Quiet and much cheaper…

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I mean, I already recommend you to everyone I know in Cape Town, this will just make it an easier sell :slight_smile:

About 5 years ago the CT property prices were going through the roof which I understood was due to foreigners buying property at low price vs prices overseas.
Then they had the drought and everyone got the skriks and CT property prices corrected a bit. After the drought and the spectacular mismanagement of the economy by the govt. (and the looting in KZN) CT got it’s shine back… :smile:

@Jaco I think you have answered your own question. The business is here, you know this.

By the time you have moved here, you going to be thinking about why you never did this earlier.

I’ve just seen images of Kirkwood (reminiscent of De Doorns some years ago), so it appears the Eastern Cape is presently having its own streak of farm revolts. The one thing that just never makes sense to me, is how do you expect to burn down a barn, a tractor, a vineyard, what have you… and expect that to lead to better pay next week? If anything, the guy is going to lay off a bunch of people, rebuild (or take the insurance money and go, as some have done), and the revolt will end up accomplishing the opposite of what you intended?

Of course I also make the mistake of thinking the instigators actually have the stated goal in mind…

Anyway, sorry for that… but as of 15 minutes ago that’s somewhat on my mind.

More and more people migrate to the Cape by the day, I don’t think setting up a base there will be a mistake.
CT property prices, especially middle class properties is sky rocketing.

Few days ago someone tweeted, like Italy and Britain SA will one day be a 2 part country with a poor north and rich south, with huge differences in wealth and growth prospects.
Quite a interesting thought and I guess not that far fetched.

Personally should I ever have the opportunity to move to the WC I won’t want to live in CT, I’ll much rather live in a smaller place out of the big city.

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On this topic: There is currently a Census going on in the country. Apparently it has been going on since February but it has been so poorly advertised that the loitering Census workers I saw one day (while out driving) was the only hint that it was happening. So this Census is now in “extended time”, or so I am told, and there is 4 days left, and the Western Cape has barely finished 55% of the job.

Given the massive influx there has been since 2011, it is kind-of important that we get this right, because funding depends on it.

So if there are Western Cape people reading here, and you have not been accosted by a Census worker yet, please go here and help them out.

The census was pretty well advertised through our neighbourhood’s communication channels, but still many people just ignored it, got irritated with the census workers or suspected them of being criminals wanting to gain access to your property…

From what I’m seeing this census is a fail and I’m pretty sure it will be extended again.
You could do it online as well until the end of February I think, but I only found out about this after it closed, I don’t even know if they opened the online system again.

Interesting, just saw CT got the go ahead to launch a feasibility study to take over the rail network in the city.

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