Export instead of Charge?

Does anyone know if there is a way to export DC Solar instead of charging battery?

Let’s say my battery is at 30% but I want to export DC solar to the grid for 3H, after powering the loads, and only then charge the battery.



Use a Node-Red flow to set the grid setpoint negative by the same amount as what PV is making (or 90%, if you want to account for conversion efficiency). Subtract loads from that if you want to.

Don’t estimate conversion efficiency too high, or it will spiral towards only charging the battery.

Currently the only way.

Thanks. I presume Disable Charge will then not feedback at all even though Feedback excess DC is enabled.

Will have to see how I can setup a power prediction formula looking at Solar prediction, Load Shedding schedules etc.

Don’t know. You’ll have to test it.