Experience with Deye Sunsynk 50kW 3 phase hybrid inverter?

Please let me know your experience with the quality of and support for the Deye Sunsynk 50kW 3 phase hybrid inverter. It will be powering my entire house off battery during load shedding (including a 3 phase aircon unit with max 60A current draw). I won’t be installing solar or generator from the start but like the option to do so.

If I were making a 50kW inverter decision, I’d go and see similar-sized installations.
That is a 40kW+ aircon unit, HF inverters (which this one is) aren’t known for their ability to deliver starting current. Possibly, the A/C unit has some internals that limit this, though.
I think you need a specific technical design that considers your loads after taking on-site measurements.
There is too much money at stake to get it wrong.
It isn’t a “most people on the internet said it’s OK” kind of question.


Also, if you’re the guy who needs a 50kW inverter for his house, you can probably afford better :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your assistance Phil. The aircon unit is not yet hooked up to power as the house is still under construction, so can’t take empirical measurements. I have requested the aircon supplier to ask the manufacturer for max inrush current.

I have been looking for better - so am all ears. I’m not in favour of a 3 x 15kW Victron solution because of the “too much to go wrong” and obsolescence factor should one fail in the future. Also not keen on the huge Atess (transformer) solution. I’m a tech guy and think that HV and HF is the way to go for this requirement, but am certainly no expert on inverters or batteries for that matter.

In my opinion a 3 x 15kW Victron solution is the better one. The 15kW is an old workhorse unit that’s going to be with us for some time to come.

The company I work for contracted somebody to install 3 of these at our office building - will let you know how it goes.

Thanks plonkster for your views. Have you had any experience with Sunsynk inverters?

Thanks. Will they be three separate installations or 3 on a single site?

If you are planning to power 50kw during loadshedding you are going to need a loooooooooooot of batteries. How many hours are you planning for. Will a generator not work out a lot cheaper?

I think there is a lot more that can go wrong with a sunsynk and you will most probably be left alone either with a faulty inverter or without an inverter when it needs to be sent in for repairs. The average is 2-3 months to repair even if it’s an out of box failure. I’ve got 2 5kw Sunsynk’s.

If you really want such a big installation, I suggest you look for something more tried and tested like victron or better. Problem is anything better probably doesn’t have much local support.

Full disclosure. My pay check comes from the blue universe. I’ll let others take this one further :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks Vassen that sounds pretty long for a repair. The specs on the Sunsynk are pretty impressive, which got my attention.

Thanks for your honesty plonkster. Any idea on average time for repair of a Victron 15kW inverter and the mean time between failure?

I’d still be interested to know how much the Sunsynk can go out of phase between the three phases, if at all it is a limitation. But that could be a problem in a domestic setting.

Not sure I understand the question but, as mentioned, I’m a layman when it comes to inverters. I would imagine though, being a single unit it will always keep the output phases correctly separated?

I’m a layperson too, which is why I’m asking. What I mean is, can it go 15kW on one phase and 0kW on the other phases. Or perhaps there’s a limitation being one unit like it is.

@plonkster I know paralleling the inverters requires part compatibility, but does the same hold for running them in three separate phases? I’d imagine if the one breaks, you can just replace it with a new version, regardless of being from the same parts version than the other two? I.e. you have a safer setup: One phase might break, but you can just replace that Quattro without too much worry.

That is a good question, I’m pretty sure it would supply whatever power is required on each phase - but I’m guessing.

If I remember correctly from some videos, phases don’t need to be balanced.

Another problem with sunsynk though is that they may in the future find some issue and then say that phases need to be balanced.

I was an early sunsynk adopter and at the time on paper, it looked great compared to goodwe and was simpler than victron for a diy install. Then after some time, there was a some news from sunsynk saying that pv arrays should be balanced otherwise it creates issues. I had already installed an east west array and it definitely wasn’t equal and I definitely wasn’t going to change it so here I am still having my east west unbalanced arrays without issues, yet.

Welcome Rob.

Sounds like this is a huge system you are planning, have you considered how much battery power and later how much solar power you’ll need to feed such a huge inverter, in other words have you looked at the system as a hole, the big picture financial and otherwise?

First thing I’d do is look at what happens to the system design and cost if taking the aircon out of the picture, in other words if the aircon is a non essential only to be used when the Eskom grid is available.

If you’ve looked at the big picture and system as a hole and you’ve got the financial means then by all means go for it, but as others already said you can choose a lot better than Sunsynk.