Expanding my Pylontech Us2000 battery bank

Hi all

Currently have 2 x US2000’s connected to a Victorian MP2 (3000)

Looking at adding a US3000 or US4000 soon - to be connected as the new first battery int he string, aka closest to the inverter.

As I understand I can mix battery ranges…

Whats the current US3000 and US4000 models being sold, and whats the “close” going price.




sorrrryyy… hehehe

US3000 or US5000… there is no US4000 :wink:


Why not the UP5000? Do you really expect to need the warranty and Pylontech to honor it beyond 5 years?

How great would it be if my inverter is still going after 120+ years. That would be fantastic! :grin:

I guess spell checker is messing with your posts…
Here is some intresting late night reading to keep all the night owls busy

ok, guess i’ve just not paid attention to the models recently enough, as far as I recall I have 2 US2000’s.

Why I was saying the US5000… or maybe due to budget the US3000.

Explain the Up model ?

And ye Louis, we will leave auto correct out of the victorian conversation. :wink:


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Remember when adding the UP5000, it only have a 5year warranty. The US 3000 on the other hand comes with a 10 year warranty.

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This one:

Looks like the US-range, but only 5-year warranty. The US5000 should be coming out soon (if it hasn’t already) and will have the same warranty as the other US-range batteries. (and will cost more than the UP5000)

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so i assume you don’t get a us5000 with a 110yr warrantee then.

well it’s not as if I can afford a up5000 anyhow, was most probably be looking at a us3000 anyhow.

how’s stock, how’s the price looking ?


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As far as I know the US5000 is not yet available in SA, but getting the US2000C, US3000C or UP5000 should not be a problem. There is high demand at the moment and stock moves quickly, so worst case scenario you may have to wait a couple of weeks.

The bad news is the price: Prices on the US2000 have gone up by 50% since I bought the bulk of my batteries in mid 2020. Pylontech used to be the value king when measured in R/kWh, but lately not so much.

Hi George, its better if you mail the office for pricing. Glodina has all the prices on hand. Stock should be okay, they delivered 5 at my office in Pretoria a few days back.

I was at the warehouse last week and there were a few pallets full, but all batteries sells seriously fast currently

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will ping when ready,