EV bikes and scooters

India is pushing ahead with 2 & 3 wheel EVs which could also be a way for us too.
Forget Teslas, India’s EV revolution is happening on two wheels | The Economist?

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Paywalled article

It’s still readable and the point made. Only the second half of the article is removed and it’s not essential.

Already see signs of this in SA. Lots of tuc-tucs around Pretoria now, and starting to see electric ones too.

The only issue is that these things (and the small scooters) are all intended to go at around 45km/h. Go anywhere in Asia where the majority of traffic is scooters and/or tuc-tucs, and all traffic everywhere (except selected highways) moves at max 45km/h…

They are extremely cost-effective for moving people and cargo around - but once there are too many on the road they become the de-facto speed limit for all traffic.