ET112 Question on Power Supply

Hi All

Is there a way to keep the ET112 powered up even when the grid fails… I’m asking out of curiosity and I’m happy with the ET112 and its wiring requirements. It gets its power from the grid feed and so dies when the grid fails. It then disappears off the GX until its power returns when the grid returns.

It would be nice to have an “always alive” ET112 and 0 values instead though. ie via the cable from the GX (Red 5V?) maybe?


Hi Mark, forgive my curiosity, but what would you do with this when the grid is off. It will show up, but will have no value at all.

Ja I agree but it should default to zero … Curiosity and just that…

Reason: I was at one stage using the ET112 value to see if Grid was Up or Down… The realised the MQTT disappeared when the Grid was down… 1 +1 = 2 :wink:

Unless you hack it up and put in a small battery, there is no way to do it.

Some of the older EM24s were powered from L2, so in those you could theoretically have the grid on L1, and power the meter from some backup source on L2.

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