ESS Victron

Hi everyone i need assistance on ESS iny Victron setup. Can anyone please assist me .

what kind of assistance ?

I replaced my Pylontech (us 3000 X2 ) with a custom build battery bank. Now o need assistance to change the ESS settings .

You will have to be much more spesific. If it is DIY then which BMS? Which Cells? Is the BMS connected to the GX via comms?

The charge controllers still show external controlled. I cannot change to the new charge voltage i want.

The batteries are connected to the ESS via a Victron smart shunt.

Max charge voltage - 56 volts
(3.5 volt per cell)

Min voltage - 48 volt.
(3.0 volts per cell )

I am using Sinopoly cell.
They came from Freedom One

The Victron Smart Shunt would be the External Control. Set the settings in the Smart Shunt.

Do you have a new CAN-bus BMS? Then you need to go to the battery in the Device List (on the GX device) and redetect it. Otherwise it might still be treating it like a Pylontech.

If not using a CAN-bus BMS, then you simply need to configure the Multi (using VE.Configure) with the right voltages. And then reconfigure the ESS assistant (just run the wizard) and configure the Dynamic cut-off curve a little higher for the new battery (which I assume is now a 16-cell battery).

Yes it is a 16s 2P battery.