ESS Time of Use Discharge

Is there a roadmap for Time of Use based discharge control in Victron ESS?

For example, evening peak 5pm - 8pm and morning 6am - 8am (Tshwane) ESS must allow discharge at the start of the TOU window and then stop discharge at whatever the current SoC is until next discharge window and then allow discharge again.

A ToU discharge floor should also be configurable eg. 30% below which discharge is only allowed if grid fails.

It’s in Venus 3.00~15 (just one past what is in candidate right now). Sit tight, it is coming real soon!


I have the CCGX
Will it also get this new capability ?

Something simple you could do if you don’t want to wait that I am doing already is a simple node-red flow where you just change the max inverter power based on whatever time window you want.

My biggest problem was hitting my minimum SOC early in the evening and I live in a area where the grid power can sometimes go off and stay off far longer than the normal loadshedding hours.

So my current solution is to cap the maximum inverter power to 200W starting at 16:00 (Right when my PV drops to negligible amounts because I live on the side of a mountain)
Then at 00:00 I up it to 400W
Then at 06:00 I open the floodgates back to 2000W (I only have a small 1.65kWp array)
So far its been working well.


Yes, all devices that runs Venus gets the same functionality (where possible). The older ones don’t get the large-image features though (not enough space).


We control the inverter max power based on panel production using NodeRED.

Found the “time-of-use” to be cumbersome, due to weather fluctuations.

If you use NodeRED on the Cerbo/Venus, I can share it.

Please, I am interested.