ESS Limit charge power is missing when DVCC is on

There are several threads in victron forum, I even asked a question in one of them, but seems that nobody is interested in this.

This one is the most informative and I my concerns are exactly the same as the last post.

The set up “limit charge power” (from AC input) in ESS should allow to avoid charging from the energy source connected to AC input, e.g. grid, but use PV power instead. The set up “maximum Charge current” in DVCC should define the max current at all independant from the source.

Therefore both features should be available independantly.

How to manage?

Not the same thing, but (Maybe the same thing?) There’s a little discussion on this point here for a couple of posts until 5 Aug:

Seems that setting isn’t really “what you’re looking for” in most cases anyways. :cry:

Is this a venus os version or dvcc setting dependant?
This setting is really helpful and good to have it available even if not exclusively used.