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I am sorry if this is a silly question, but why does my solar charging show in the “DC Power” and not in the “Battery” tag?

Is your MPPT connected to the GX device so it can communicate with it? If not I think the GX is estimating DC power based on the BMS communications?

Yes, both MPPT,s connected to RPi. It was working normally this morning, then changed.

Turn off “Settings / System Setup / Has DC System” switch.
It should show charging into the Battery it self then.

From what I see, when its on, all power out of the battery is shown on the actual battery while charging power is shown via a DC system (cause MPPT is a DC charger).

Tried that, but it is still the same.

Thanks Bobby, it appears that my BMV702 that I was using has gone all goofy. I was using the BMV to monitor the system and no matter what I did, it stayed in discharge mode. I then set the battery monitor to use the Multi and disabled the “Has DC System”, and voila…all is fine again.

Mmmh. As already mentioned, if you have the “Has DC system” switch on, then any discrepancy between solar charger, multi, and battery monitor, is considered to be from some unmeasured system connected to your DC bus.

If you turn off “Has DC system”, it stops displaying the block on the screen, but the numbers could still be off.

If you change the battery monitor to the Multi, your SOC-estimate is going to suffer. The BMV is much better at measuring the battery SOC. I assume you are using the BMV as an actual battery monitor?

I would want to figure out why the numbers from the BMV has gone wrong if it was me…

My BMV 702 has definitely packed up. It stays in negative Watts the whole time. The voltage still displays correctly, but the watts and SOC is not showing the correct figures. I noticed this briefly the other day but then it came right again after a minute or so. (probably started to give up the ghost).

In the picture below, the actual battery discharge is 3500 W but the BMV only showing 948

Ahhmm…It would appear that when I installed the 2nd MP on Saturday I dislodged something…
:face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: I unpugged everything and the cable from shunt to BMV was almost out…

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Hahahaha nothing compared to the stupid stuff I had done!

Try connecting an MPPT on both sides of the shunt…

Luckily Plonkster and Jaco de Jongh quickly figured out what went wrong.