hi all, busy looking at a esp32/esphome/modbus onto Sunsynk for a friend, and some of the dashboards the guys are doing in HA and was wondering if anyone has looked at the same type of setup, but for Victron… using either a ESP32 or maybe a Pi Zero with a Python program querying the Victron via Modbus ?



One can already do that without a ESP32 on Victron?

Unless I misunderstand.

Well, there is a modbus-tcp library for ESP32/ESP8266.

Victron has a modbus implementation.

The Victron EVCS runs an ESP32 chip inside, and speaks modbus to an upstream GX device… so there is at least one example of it working in action.

I can think of only a few reasons you’d want to do it though: Maybe to make a small display to show the values elsewhere? Or you want a remote switch to act on those values without needing HomeAssistant in the middle to do the translation?

I sort-of suspect rolling your own is the only option right now.

was thinking of adding the same screen/displays into HA like what I’m busy with for the Sunsynk for my friend,
for those integrations they pull the data via modbus.
for the stuff that I’ve used mqtt can’t say I’m happy… my am i connected to the grid yes/no is flaky as it stands, so not to keen to interrogate the victron using mqtt…

itchy fingers… causing sh$t work / grief for myself, trying to see if i can…


Doing it might be ok, but and a big but, maintaining it in future, no? That will be a task…


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