Energy use of heat pump tumbledryer

Hi forumites. I think I mentioned this elsewhere, but last year our old condenser tumble dryer shredded its belt for the second time in just a few months, a condition I know indicates that many many parts are worn and need replacement, and decided it is time to replace it. It lasted a good 7 years with minimal maintenance.

We bought a Samsung DV80TA020AN. It is about 50% more than the equivalent condenser dryer, so at least I can report the prices have now dropped to less than “double”.

This is a small report on the energy use.

It is rated at 800W peak, but I recorded a maximum of 660W. It usually runs at less than 600W. The consumption, per load, is somewhere between 400Wh (the daily clothes load) and 600Wh (two queen sized sheets and a towel).

Compared to other heat pump uses, this one did not cut the consumption by two thirds. It maybe halved it.

It’s still impressive that we can now do with 600W what used to take 4kW (on the old Defy dryers of 30 years ago).


If I had to guess this reduced savings compared to a heat pump water geyser would be because it heats air and not water.