Energy Storage ES5K

Does anyone have experience with this battery?


Price is around R37k.

What concerns me a bit about this is the cycle life. Greater than 3000 @ 0.2C discharge & 90 %.
The installer states this on his quote: ES Lithium Battery 5Kwh has a 5-year un- Limited warranty,4000 charge cycles at 80% DOD.

He recommends this battery with a 5kVA Sunsynk inverter. Is this a good match?

Why would you pay that price for something with no track record? I would rather go for a freedom won etower, or a BSL or even a Felicity 12.5kWh for a bit more. The felicity is priced how I expect something with no track record to be priced.

That battery is however sold by SSS… who is an outfit I have quite a bit of trust in, and whom I’ve worked with. They do telecoms stuff, among others.

I am trying to find out if this brand has a track record. It might be a brand I have not heard of before but that is actually a well-known, trusted one.

I advised the person who asked ne for my opinion on this setup to ask the installer for a quote on Pylontech batteries. I have Pylontechs myself.

SSS are a very knowledgeable and reputable outlet. They’re well known for their technical excellence and as far as I know, this is their locally developed battery.

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