EMP's, is anyone aware of that?

EMP - Electromagnetic Pulse

You get two types of EMP’s:

  1. Detonating a nuclear warhead in space above a country.
  2. The sun. Carrington Event is the last big recorded event.

In SA, who wants to detonate an EMP over Africa … bleh.

There have been a few close calls since then:


Now ignoring the media hype at times, this lady is on top of it … Dr Tamitha Skov. She regularly calms people down, when the media takes hold of an event.

Her latest post:

Not looking forward to the day she does not get excited about the auroras, effect on radio waves.

Cause an EMP could cause rather big drama with electrical grids.

But it is a “thing”, just waiting to happen … just need the sun/earth in the exact spots needed for such an exceptional flare to hit earth.

Here, for our education:

Wonder what will happen with solar equipment … suspect it will be fried.

Solar events should not affect inverters - they are mostly geo-magnetic, and induce high voltages in long cable runs (mostly transmission lines). Surge suppressors should take care of them.

Proper EMPs (nuclear/HERF/etc) can induce currents in much shorter conductors, and destroy equipment internally.

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I read, from Obama who acted on the risk for the USA, that grids will be affected, probably badly so.

Has occurred on a smaller scale already:

I don’t think we will know the full extent until it happens to us here in SA … as most solar inverters are connected to the grid, AND it is a new “thing”.

You don’t need much to damage an inverter.

Adding to that. The actual challenge is IF transformers do get damaged, worse if they need to be replaced, is because of 1) where they are manufactured and 2) to get them from there to where they need to be replaced. It can take months, years even.

This is as of the 12th of July, 2023 …

… if we one day see auroras in SA, it would be awesome … for various reasons I suspect.

But, as my wife will say: So what can we do about it? … then she continues on with life.

Something new that I wondered about … so I Googled it. First, they said Nope, not, now there is a new thinking using 20 years of data …

Solar weather and its effect on Earth is a fact. But for humans today, it is a new study, the effect on us today in cities, solar systems, to say the least.

Now I think, we have heard of, some have experienced it, of what happens when a transformer “blows up” during LS woes. The resultant damage to stuff connected downstream of it.

Transformers are at risk with a solar flare.

And a solar flare happens when it happens, not timed with LS … as a matter of fact, solar flares hitting the earth smack on, will cause “LS”.

And then I wonder … what will happen if we have LS and a flare hits?

… maybe I must just wonder less … nothing I can do about it in any event, just enjoy the auroras.

Yes, enough things to be worrying about before sun acne.

What, with my luck … with my luck, it will all happen at the same time one-day when I blink.

Or not.

Goes like this … I see stuff, wonder about it, maybe even think about it some, then decide naaa, don’t have to think about it.

And life goes on. Good decision.

Then one day, bugger me …

Do you really think all my mishaps are 100% my doing? (… most, not all)

If have this innate ability to see some ways stuff can maybe go wrong, then I kinda plan for it … hate the part where one looks back and think, now why did I not see that coming?

This happens, I know to look out for the aurora in Cpt … and what to think about whilst enjoying them.

Keeps the mind busy … for fun.