Email confirmations

My gmail was not receiving email confirmations from the site. Could not register until I tried a different email. Registered using a different address now. Trying to change it to my gmail but not getting verification email.

The mail logs shows that gmail thinks our email messages are spam. It’s not an outright blacklist (on the IP address), but it does appear to be something in the content that trips it up (because sending a quick email through a forwarding address delivers correctly).

I can change your email address to something else… but it’s pointless if gmail won’t accept delivery on that address. You won’t receive anything else either. Will have to figure out why gmail dislikes these messages.

Yeah, the DKIM record has gone AWOL. Something to fix in the coming week… can’t say when unfortunately.

$ host -t TXT has no TXT record
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Can you verify the gmail on my profile please? Happy to not receive emails until you fix it. I also sent you guys an email on your admin email to report the issues.

Anyway you may be losing new users due to this.

I don’t see one. You could DM it to me if you want and I can swap it.

Indeed… and it has been ongoing for at least 10 days. That’s what gets me most. DNS is with godaddy, so that is where we need to start looking.

who has access to DNS management for domain?
I see that there is no DKIM record for it and that can be fixed quickly :slight_smile:

I will talk to Jaco about this soon (he has access to the DNS). I spent the whole morning swearing at Exim for not working properly, then after I finally remembered you can tell Exim to repeat its config back to you, and I ran exim4 -bP transports | grep dkim, I noticed that dkim_private_key is not defined. Total noob moment!

So now the email is signed again, and we just need to get the DNS record fixed. And then hopefully gmail will be happy with the quality again.

when you know, you know :slight_smile:

Email delivery to gmail has been fixed and the whole DKIM/SPF part has been given a proper upgrade.


Thanks all.