Electric car batteries with five-minute charging times produced

Batteries capable of fully charging in five minutes have been produced in a factory for the first time, marking a significant step towards electric cars becoming as fast to charge as filling up petrol or diesel vehicles.

… “The bottleneck to extra-fast charging is no longer the battery,” he said. Now the charging stations and grids that supply them need to be upgraded, …

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Good luck with that in ol SA………

3rd World countries are simply not equipped to handle this.

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I would imagine that charging stations would have a big battery themselves that could be charged at a reasonable rate from the grid. The energy in the big battery could be dumped into the car battery pretty quickly.

This is where super-capacitor tech would likely come in very handy. Of course you would still be limited in terms of how many cars you can charge per hour, cause the big old cap/battery needs time to recharge. You could put one mother of a PV array on it too… :slight_smile:

I wonder how they would manage heat. If you are charging 10 times faster (i,e, 5 minutes instead of 50) then your losses, which are proportional to current squared go up 100 times. So 100 times the losses for 1/10th the time is still 10 times the losses in total vs. charging over 50 minutes and 100 times the losses during the 5 minute charge.

Just because you can fill up a battery that fast doesn’t mean you have to fill up a battery that fast. F1 cars could full up and 12-25l per second, your road car doesn’t.

Yeah, that video was staged of course… I mean Jono isn’t walking along some canal in the UK with a random camera crew because he is expecting a call from Lucian in Romania :slight_smile:

Very good video though. Displays new coming product too, a Victron EV charger. Already have support in Venus too… VRM support will come soon.


Also see this post, from the states. It also mentions that the Tesla charger won’t charge if you don’t have a TN bond.