The Eduan Buddy dual level float is very new and was launched in March 2021. It was developed as a local low cost durable solution to the typical continuous stop/start issues when a pump feeds water to a tank via a float valve. With its dual level the pump starts at the lower level and stops at the top level thus drastically reducing stop/start cycles. See the product video at Eduan Buddy Dual level 25mm float valve - YouTube .It has many applications including for rain water tanks serving the purpose as the source of irrigation water and which require top up from another source when there is no rain. See EDUAN TEK - Tips

The EduanTank gauge was launched in May 2021 due to a need for a very simple durable tank level indicator. Surprisingly I could not find any such products locally on the internet besides one that is quite expensive with a small display, which inspired its development. Our first customer has a farm in the Karoo and checks the tank levels with binoculars!

The original 25mm Eduan float valve has been on the market for the last 30 years.

The 25mm Eduan float valve and Eduan Buddy is available from Agrinet ( and most co-ops like Obaro and VKB.

The Eduan Tank gauge and 40mm is currently being marketed but can be ordered through some co-ops.

If you buy a 25mm Eduan float valve make sure you get the latest version launched in the last month- it should look like EDUAN TEK - 25mm EDUAN FLOAT VALVE + BALL

Although rated for only 5 bar it can handle 10 bar (but will not open above 5 bar)- some customers used it without a regulator connected to municipal water which in JHB sometimes peak at 8.5 bar.

Jan Naude can be contacted at 0823314956 or for any technical advice or where to get our products.