Easysolar 2 GX with Pylontech US3000C problem

Hi guys.I have the folowing problem : I have a certain load on the inverter,for example 2800w,the MPPT is pushing as much PV as is available,and if it needs more,it takes it from battery,but if the load increases the MPPT goes into OFF state and passes all the load to the battery even though there is plenty of PV available.And switches from Ext.Control to Off state until the load is smaller. Any ideas ?

Hey, because I have somewhat elevated permissions on both sites I could look up your site and find the reason. Your MPPT is switching off because it is commanded to do so using the “remote connector”. This is wired, or should be wired as in this repair instruction. Your Multi is not in the range of affected models, so I doubt this is the problem, I link it for information only.

Of course, if yours is wired wrong, it can be swapped, but in that case I expect it to ALWAYS be off instead of just some of the time.

That wire is telling the MPPT to switch off. I am not sure exactly to what it is wired on the other end, I am still trying to figure out.

I also note that you are using Virtual Switch, and you have it configured to ignore AC in above 3500W. VE.Configure mentions the device needs to be reset. It could be – I am totally guessing – that you had a different relay selected previously, so maybe it opens that relay when your load exceeds a certain amount and instead of ignoring AC-in, it ends up disabling the MPPT?

I don’t know for sure, but two things… 1) start with a clean configuration and make sure it works, 2) you will get better help on the Community forum. I’m not really allowed to provide much more in the way of help on this forum, not an authorised support platform even though I do try to be as nice as possible :slight_smile:

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Hi and thanks for your answer.I did not check the wire from the MPPT,but i doubt its not correct,it wouldnt work at all if it was so.I am using virtual switch and the rule is to NOT ignore AC when above 3500w.Easysolar 2 has a 3700w limit at 25 degrees and I also dont want to strain the battery.What forum do you refer to ? Victron forum ? Onestly i think its useless,everyone tells you to read the manual…I did read the manuals,and everything else,I did everything exactly,but my system doesnt want to load ESS.After it restarts it comes back to like it was before.Last time I tried this i got [
VE.Bus Error: VE.Bus Error 6: Error in DDC Program] and the inverter wouldnt start…Lucky me,first thing i did after i installed it was to download the configuration file from VRM,and when this happed i loaded that file and it started working again.I am trying to do the best I can with Virtual Switch if ESS doesnt work…
I was suggested to get 3 more US3000C batteries,like Victron says on their forum page,but that is for off grid.I do have a grid,and one battery will do.I just want to have SOLAR_GRID_BATTERY priority.

I found some more info on that red wire. It is wired to the positive supply of some component, in such a way that switching off the Multi ensures that the solar charger also stops.

So… what I rambled yesterday has nothing to do with it. Still, the MPPT reports that red wire as being the reason it stopped charging, so that must have something to do with it.

What you can do, is carefully disconnect that red wire from the MPPT and isolate it.

Then install a loop between the L and H of that connector and plug it in. That will leave the MPPT permanently on (like in a system where the MPPT is standalone). That will resolve the issue… but it won’t tell us why it stopped working.

I will try that.But I will also try ESS again,I really think ESS is better at prioritizing and managing power.I m just afraid I will brick the system …

Finally I managed to install ESS and also got a second US3000C battery,but the problem persists…basically i have to limit the MPPT curent to 65A for the system to work.If the load is higher than that the BMS will send stop signal to MPPT.No difference between 1 or 2 batteries,it was 65A with 1 battery and it is 65A with 2 batteries.But the MPPT can put 100A…

Maybe updating firmware on the batteries would resolve as it looks like the problem is from your BMS (battery) side.

Also, update the firmware of the easysolar.

Easy solar is updated.From what i have learned until now it seems like the system is dependent on the battery bank.Probably thats why Victron recommends 4 US3000C…2 batteries have 74A and the MPPT stops around that value.74ax50v is about 3500w…this is just me guessing