Dye Remote Monitoring Questions?

Hi @justinschoeman, as far as my knowledge goes, you are the only one here currently that owns a Synsynk/Dye. I am curious about a few things and I hoped that you would be able to answer a few questions.

  1. What kind of remote support does Dye offer? I have heard that remote firmware updates are
    available, but is there more?
  2. Lets say you are not at home, can you monitor your system via some app on your phone?
  3. Can you remotely make any changes to your configuration?
  4. Do you mind sharing some screenshots of app/info that you currently use to monitor your system?


As long as you have a WiFi connection, they will pretty much do anything. Firmware updates, debug installations, and assist with any setup you require.

Yes, full monitoring of pretty much every parameter (see screenshots below).

I can’t. You need an installer account (just register on-line with Deye), then you can receive alarms and view/edit all parameters remotely. Not available on the end-user app though.


Just addition info on this, used the various forums as guidance and via the Sunsynk modbus, using Rs485, RPi4, Node Red,influxdb and then Grafana, I could successfully collect data and use this to do some rules and home control (ie switch pool pump off that sits on my essential load if power fails) and present data like PV generation vs Load in Grafana. (Still learning the ropes for Grafana though)

Thus it is possible to build own monitoring and rules on top of the provided monitoring via Sunsynk Solarman.

Loving this feature to be able to collect stats and data directly from the Sunsync.
Here are two of the screen I have for monitoring via PC on local network.
Also send notifications via Whatsapp if grid loss or Geyser over temp.