Dutch Big Fat Battery build

So I’ve started the build of a 40 kWh battery. These are the specs:

4x16 cells 3.22 V 206 Ah each
Daly smart BMS 500 A
Active balancer 2A

Furthermore the system exists of an MPP Solar hybrid inverter MPI 5K
On MPPT 1 are 18x340 Wp Trina panels in series and
on MPPT 2 are 12x260 Wp old panels that I took of a roof and reused

There were 18 of them but because of the specs couldn’t do more in series then 12. They are 60 V Uoc. So I purchased a PCM60X solar charger to connect the last 6 panels. Communication between battery and inverter will be done by a Raspberry Pi with ICC software.

Everything I need is here. I have 2x16 cells connected to the inverter now. They where top balanced before I put them on the inverter and I am the BMS and check voltages every now and then. They remain very stable. I had a Chargery BMS connected before but that thing was way of with the cell voltages. Its been send back to Chargery where they calibrated it again. I didn’t use or try it yet but the plan is to make another 10 kWh battery with it so the total will be 50 kWh.

Here is a picture of the current situation:

And this is the cupboard where everything will be build in:


That is a big spec.

There is an upload option in the edit box, or just drag the image in. If you don’t see it, then it might mean you don’t have that privilege yet. I thing there is a quick tour with the site’s bot that will allow you to upload pics?

Ok, tnx Louis I’ve edited the first post. More to follow soon!

A “Dutch Beast”! We are all jealous :wink: