Drone Recommendation?

After loosing my Blade Chroma


in a dam last week, I am in the market for a new drone.

Anyone willing to share their experiences with drones?

Please tell me what brand you use, what you use it for, how long you had it…

Edit: I made a few Vids, took it around the dam a couple of times, changed the battery, flew some more and decided to make a straight line flight over the dam about 7 or 8 meters high. All of a sudden the drone lost height, touched the water, started gaining height again and doped back into the water… gone under with in a second and disappeared.

Myself and another bystander instantly got rid of enough clothing to ensure safe swimming and raced off into the dam. We could hear the beacon signal under the water and could swim to right above the drone, but is was more than 10 meters deep. There was no way of reaching that dept without flippers or some weights. We gave up after about 40 min of trying. Personally my “buoyancy” only allowed me to maybe reach 5 meters deep (rough estimation), the other guy said he could get down to about 7, but at that time he was already in pitch black water with absolutely no visibility. What a pity, she was an awesome drone…

My brother has the mavic mini 2, which he swears by.

Edit: some footage from it https://youtu.be/SJ7QbJ5nIJM

I have DJI Mavic Air (first gen) and besides the noise - it is absolutely phenomenal…also, flies rock solid on wind…
Supports Litchi app (pre program flight routes that are executed without the need to manuver the aircraft manually) and has a 4k camera which makes absolutely amazing superb quality videos and photos :slight_smile:
Max range I went to is 3,2KM and height 500M (not in residential area)
Flight time is up to 20min.

With Air 2 and Air 2s released, it can be an affordable buy on various ads…

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not what you asking but I have a fairly (meaning very) energetic Rottweiler and I had a tiny light bulb moment “hey, maybe he will like chasing a drone around”… yes, you can see where this going,

bought a little dji tello** and have now learned:

  1. those tiny props spinning at a bizillion rpm are noisy.
  2. not as easy to fly a drone like the kids in the adverts make it look.
  3. my Rottweiler is not only energetic but also VERY determined and probably better at math than me…

while still working on my pilot skills but wanting to keep the tello out of reach from the Rottweiler I had him sit while I launch the tello from a patio table with the intention to get to a safe height from where to then manoeuvre … said Rottweiler’s desire to catch said drone overcame his patience so he did basic calculations and launched himself onto the table to use as as further launch pad to get to the tello now somewhere over 2 meters above the ground. He caught the drone, made a not overly graceful landing but got up looking very pleased with himself…

The tello is now gathering dust in a cupboard and Rottweiler play time once again involves throwing a ball around.

**obviously amazon will not use these to deliver packages but it is technically a drone…


I decided on and received my replacement drone on Thursday.

I decided on buying the SwellPro Splash Drone 3+, seems like I wont need to worry about a drone not being able to land on water.

In THIS VIDEO!! they take off out of the water after a wave rolled the drone a bit…

In the manual they recommend that if you are on a boat, that you should rather throw the drone over board and take off from and land in the water rather than trying to do an unsafe takeoff from or landing on the boat…


that looks so cool

Sorry to hear that Jaco - I drowned mine in a lake last year too.

Very cool!