Dominant male :-)

mooi man :grinning:

the search engines have a field day!

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Never @gabriel , there are guys on this forum that humbles me with their knowledge… I don’t even want to start mentioning names… I just shared a lot of stuff that I thought might be interesting and informative.

Edit: As new ones becomes available I will post them as well.

Edit 2: Time to get some fresh content here.

hence the smile, i agree; on this forum i bask in the know-how of members, even if i hardly understand whats going on - good company, humbling as it is, makes one feel good :grinning:

Can you add them to their appropriate topics/sub topics when posting. That will help us sort/categorize the threads. Or we need a Wiki to add all this information to?

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I am working on that, will talk to you in the week.