DIY Electric Vehicle Charger


For completeness, I thought I’d link openEVSE as well:

It’s probably a better starting point if you want to pursue something like this.

What interests me most about this, is the RCD implementation.

I really want to make an IoT device that monitors leakage current over the longer term, to help debug nuisance tripping in installations.

Just remember that this is a Type-A RCD, so not really suitable for EVSE monitoring. Can probably use it legally in SA until the next SANS update though.

I will fit a type-B RCD when I can buy one locally for less than the price of a good second-hand car.

Also, my interest in this part of the circuit isn’t so much for the EVSE, rather for diagnostics in a normal house DB board. But you make a good observation. Such a device should probably have the ability to monitor the DC components as well.