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Hi Guys,

So i have this question that i find is quite confusing among installers.

Can you put a positive busbar(s) in your db?

See image attached.

You get these, and others, for connecting the positives.

… less wiring I presume.

@TheTerribleTriplet, i agree,

Sorry for not making the question more clearer.

There is 4 change overs in the DB, so each Change over need 2 pos and 2 negs. Hence the question about the Positive busbar in the DB.

Do you mean a LIVE busbar? Because this is AC. Positive makes no sense.

I’ve seen DIN-mount assemblies with three phase busbars. If you’re allowed to put the three hot supplies on busbars, I presume you can put any one of them on a busbar. A quick perusal of SANS10142 seems to say only that modifying a DB should not allow busbars to come into contact with parts of the board that should be safe.

I far prefer DIN-rail terminal blocks though, and you get terminal blocks as well that have a plastic cover, or even distribution blocks that makes it neat and safe.


Thanks @plonkster, yes thats what i mean, Live, Positive, die rooi kabel man, die rooi kabel!! :joy::joy:

I think you are spot in. Distribution block make more sense, as it is safer, and more isolated. No accidental contact.

Thank you.

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In three phase DB’s its pretty normal to use Live busbars, but those must be “Enclosed” Either by locking the DB, or covering the Busbars with a Perspex cover. You must do everything you can from preventing somebody touching it.

The regulations say that no live part part in a domestic installation might be touched with a “Standard test finger” . In your picture above, both live busbars can be touched. I wont do it like that.

When I need to install a live busbar, I use one with covers. I dont like doing it, but can see no problem with it. As long as its safe. I cant find pictures of the one I normally use, but its looks something like this.

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I used these, finger safe…

are those from Frontline?

Frontline orders from Electromecanica so yes you can get from them.