Dishwashers and the cost of running

Often in our house friends or family will stay late into the evening (Friday/Saturday). My regular bedtime is between 21:00 and 22:00. So anything after 22:00 makes me a zombie. And I still need to get up at 05:00 the next day. As such, my sleeping time has a hard cap. If the people leave, I’m more than happy to leave the kitchen as is, and sort it out the next morning while I’m making breakfast. Apparently that is never okay, because my wife is sure her day would start badly if she walks into the kitchen. Me having a bad day because I get an hour less sleep is not a problem.

When it comes to dishwashers, I bought a Bosch in 2012. It is still going strong with no signs of issues, and I’ve been using it 2x/3x per week on “Auto” or “Eco”, running times of 02:45 and 03:00 respectively. I don’t think the run time is a huge deal.

Yup. Same here.

I would also much rather do that to myself… than the alternative. The only thing that makes my day worse, other than not enough sleep, is a grumpy wife who “had to” unpack the dishwasher.

I’m always like: Honey, you CHOSE to unpack it. You could have left it. I would have noticed it. I cannot say I would have noticed it soon, but it would have been unpacked before lunchtime tomorrow…

But that’s what you do in marriage. You compromise to accommodate the little quirks of the other one. I’m sure I must have many of my own. In fact, a journey we recently started around a kid that is neurodiverse has made me realise, that since I share so many of those traits, there is good odds that I am myself on the spectrum, and simply undiagnosed for the past 40+ years. Kinda puts things into perspective sometimes :slight_smile:

I mean, “unpacking the dishwasher” is technically “deeds of service”, which is a love language. It shouldn’t be that weird.


My kids are older and I have upgraded now to suppervise that the dishwasher gets packed and unpacked. So I am only in trouble if they did not do it :slight_smile:
The sad thing is this also does not last. Next year one is leaving for varsity and then I will need stand in for that position again.

If your wife unpacked it, it means it is lunchtime the day after tomorrow already.

I usually notice that it needs unpacking the moment I finish breakfast and I want to put the dirty dish in the machine… only to see it is still full of clean stuff.

The trouble is (and apparently this is a sign of that neurodiversity I mentioned), I sometimes forget to eat breakfast. Then I might only notice by the second cup of coffee. But that usually happens well before lunchtime.

It does heat. Twice. I can quite clearly see it in the graph from my inverter.

But maybe it only gets hot instead of super hot. There is a seperate sterilising program.

In my experience it washes at a lower temperature (for longer), but on the drying cycle it still makes the water super hot. Hot enough that it is uncomfortable to touch the plates. Which is another thing I will rather do (put away very hot plates) than deal with it, and any amplified effects, tomorrow…

Mine pops open the door with 5 minutes to go. I am betting that nothing useful happens in that last 5 minutes other than stuff cooling down.

You are right: The dishes are uncomfortably hot immediately after the actual washing has finished.

The auto open feature on mine can be overridden to stop kids having a look or climbing in.

If I use other programs where the door doesn’t automatically open, then the dishes can be just too hot to handle for some time after the end.

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Thank you. This really solves my puzzle. I’m assuming that a shorter run time is less wear and tear on the mechanism. I’m not that concerned about the extra heating because PV. So I can look at run time and water usage.

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Ours doesn’t pop open, but the red light that shows it is washing remains on a few minutes after it’s finished. Probably the same thing. I will sometimes pop it open myself, and let it stand a few minutes, which helps things to dry (as intended) and cool down.

Except plastic containers. Man… I hate those. They always have to be hand-dried.

Also… last week I put 12 new containers in the cupboard, and this week there are 19 lids which doesn’t fit any of the 9 containers. I don’t know how these things even work…

Lids/containers go where the socks go … which is the same place the letters go when you edit/delete a word you have typed.

Any ‘washing’ machine that I switch on I look for the quickest program (except rinse only)
I just can’t stand hearing the thing still going after 2 hours :angry:

I can understand that.

They are getting quieter. The noise level doesn’t seem to be something that has to be declared, but the dishwasher I have now is noticably quieter than the one it replaced. So the 3 hour eco cycle is not intrusive.

New appliances are fantastic. Significantly quieter and more efficient.

Our old freezer was rated A+ when we bought it in 2010 and has a capacity of 240l. The new one was bought this year. It has an A++ rating and the capacity is 315l.

The old one, used .577 kWh over 8 hours, with a momentary peak (which would be the motor starting up) of 1365 W.

The corresponding figures for the new one are 0.192 and 107.8.


Bought a heat pump tumbledryer about a month ago. Also absolutely fantastic. It plays Schubert’s “Die Forelle” when it is finished. And they went to the trouble of having the tune… freakin on pitch. In A Major. I know this is super geeky, and perhaps silly, but I totally love that level of attention.

Indeed! And of course you need a ‘Save the Planet’ program to make people feel good about running the thing…

Getting back to reality does anyone know if any washing appliances have a hot water inlet?
I have seen these in the past. Makes a lot of sense if you have a tank full of hot water which is likely.
Also is it possible simply to feed hot water (not cold water) into the appliance?

Long ago, in Mordor, there was a guy who did that. He had a tempering valve installed so the machine is fed with water that is already close to 50°C, so the machine had to do the minimum heating. The machine has a thermostat, it will only heat as much as it needs to. So you can indeed feed the machine with warmer water.

I don’t know what it’d do if it hits the heating cycle and there is nothing to do. But you can save a lot by feeding it warmer water.

Funnily enough I have been looking at a new dishwasher, and the Bosch machines have this option:

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I went through that process. My thinking is as that I would rather let the washer (dish/cloths) heat the water (if needed) from my solar (inverter) than use newly heated water (geyser) which will need to be reheated.

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I agree, since this is usually much more efficient (100% of the energy applied right where it is needed). But if you have a heat pump, or a solar water heater, then that energy is cheap or free, and the losses in the pipes will matter less.

I suppose that is why Bosch says “energetically favourable” :slight_smile: