Dell Latitude battery

Anyone have suggestions where I can get? (E7240)

I bought one of those from a 3rd party seller on Takealot (an older Latitude model). Lasted about a year. I slapped the old battery back into the laptop, gave it to a kid… and eventually retired the thing entirely.

That is to say, check Takealot, but do check the reviews and don’t buy the cheapest one.

Internally, they are just standard sized NMC cells, as far as I could see. I cracked the failed unit open.

There are places that will repack them. Google is your friend.

You can get an original from places like partserve but they will cost a fortune. Replacements come in various quality and price levels so definitely don’t just get the cheapest.

the best option would be if you can get a replacement one that use samsung or sony cells.
Some other cells can be good as well, but they are more hit and miss.
If you can open the battery yourself without breaking it you can replace the cells yourself. Micro Robotics has the Samsung cells for R135 each which would be around R800 for 6 cells - giving you an idea of how much a good quality replacement pack would cost.

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I don’t think that the newer laptops with internal batteries make use of standard 18650 cells.

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True! This one uses the Li-po flat cells :frowning:

Ah yes. Those are much harder. They are glued in place and have a special shape in some instances.

And for some laptops, like Asus, the distributor does not even import replacements, not to mention that they usually go out of production before you need a replacement. It’s just another form of planned obsolescence.

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A colleague was coming from China recently and I asked him to bring me a battery. When I asked, the first price was around R300 then I asked for the best rated battery he could find and it was around R600. That was for a dell 7450. Was a CMP brand.

Locally, astrum has become a decent brand for electronics.


5 plus Years ago I got replacement batteries for Dell’s from if I remember, they were decent quality. It was old laptops used plugged in 80% of the time, so I didn’t bother trying to find OEM Dell batteries, I anyway knew those was also going to be super expensive.

Every time I look at the price of new Macbooks I ask myself how I will ever have the money to replace my 8 year old MBP and that I’ll probably replace it with a Windows machine if the time comes.
But then I remind myself that it still has a 6 plus hour battery life after all these years, something which any Windows or for that matter Linux machine still can’t get right.


Most Dell OEM integrated batteries are just over R2000. This includes on-site fitment from Dell. Great from a business perspective.

I bought some used MacBook batteries some time ago. Was like R30 a piece. Wanted to build some 12/24v batteries.

Still need to actually