De Ruyter's book

You called it!
His book is out and available to buy now.

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And on special Day 1. :wink:
Carte Blanche tonight isn’t he…

The back pedalling and gas-lighting after all this will be a sight to behold :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I upgraded my package to see that… and I think it was a waste of money. The main feature seems to be “Oops, maybe we should have looked into Fivaz a bit more closely”. That is to say, even the private investigation was eventually bodged.

Sold out on Takealot this morning.

Edit: But OneDayOnly has it at R229.

… due to prolonged load shedding the next edition will only be available in june… a very limited edition is also planned in braille and readers digest is about to provide a condensed version for parliament [with plenty of drawings] - :rofl:
the television rights have been sold to Brightstar&Sons, the guys who brought us the riveting “The Man Who Knew Too Little” (1997) - it is rumored that the theme song might be a revamp of ‘Hallo Darkness my Old Friend’

busy reading atm. enjoying it…
the current chapter on how to work (treat) with your staff is awesome, really need to have a condensed version to my manager.