Daughter's system finally updated

My daughter’s system was finally updated yesterday. Installer added 14 x 445w panels and 2 UP5000 Pylontechs, and she had the inverter and batteries moved to her garage, to save space in their small spare office.

As her house is already outfitted with a 5kW ITS heatpump, my old Goodwe 4.6 should serve her and the grand kids well.

Very proud of the fact that she saved up for more than a year in order to do this upgrade, and would not accept my financial help to get it done earlier.


That looks like a very neat installation.
I would not put that much faith in the holding capacity of my walls, but I saw them being built and corners being cut, so quite possibly all other walls are better…

Thanks, a very good point regarding load carrying capabilities of walls.

I may look into building a small “cupboard” under those batteries, to help support their weight.

Just an idea if I may.

Current WIP:
Had this shutterply 22mm thick x 2440 high floor-to-ceiling board installed for mounting my setup.

The weight is on the floor - board has feet to keep it “safe” from people washing the floor.
2 screws on the bottom, 4 on top the keep it upright.

Will look like this when done:

Not sure the exact size of those brackets but they look about 350 x 350 x 30 or thereabouts. Even the cheap crappy ones are rated at min. 100kg/pair load capacity, the better ones are rated at 300kg/pair. Shear strength of 3 wall bolts in each one will easily carry the weight of 2 x 45kg batteries unless she is living in a mud hut :grinning:

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True, and I have not yet had a change to go and view her new installation and to “stand back, mutter under my breath, shake the brackets a bit and declare, It will do” like a true Dad :rofl: