Daly BMS Bluetooth Dongle

Hi All
I am looking for a Daly bluetooth dongle, the one that connects to the UART port, I have the BMS and the little stupid battery SOC indicator, would rather want to use bluetooth.
Cannot find anywhere and seems LBSA wont be getting more stock.
Anyone have one lying around, Cape Town area.


This one?

(click on bluetooth module, choose South Africa Direct Mail (Tax free) )

Thanks, yes exactly that one, was hoping to not do the import thing, especially with the Post Office these days.

If you choose the shipping option I mentioned, it gets delivered by Buffalo couriers, which uses Fastway locally.
(At least that is what happens when the order total is more than $25, Iā€™m not sure what happens when lower, but at that price it is probably worth the gamble.)

Thanks for the help !

Last I ordered that delivery with Buffelo was to your closest PEP store with Paxi. Works well and you can track each step. They send you SMS when you can go pick it up at the PEP.

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