D1Mini vs Sonoff

So is like to see some other members inputs. D1Minis are great and ive used a few of them when i have 5/12v available. But for some of my projects ive just resorted to sonoff basics. A waste but cost wise makes more sense. If im running a single sensor and only need 4 pins the basic works great and I dont need to worry about powering the board as it has all the components to just connect to 220V.

What is your preferred ESP solution?

There is a case to be made for using off the shelf hardware on some custom solution, even if it’s overkill. Sometimes the time spent on assembling custom hardware and making it safe/elegant is simply not worth it over something ready made for a few hundred bucks.

That being said, the last D1 mini project was for controlling wrgb led strips and running wled on it. In this case it was more for fun than something functional, so there’s that

i started before the sonoff’s came out and running qwikswitch, hell expensive, but i do like some of their features(esp their wall switches). their bridge is crap disconnects and takes hours or days to reconnect, have a esp resetting its power once an hour just to make sure its online…
i have however started moving away from their app/bridge and taking things inhouse(blynk atm, but busy porting over to nodered to tie into the rest of the home automation)
If i where to move or redo i would like to go shelly route

Have a couple of Sonoffs - including one or two I’ve hacked to use some of the IO-pins, and just one D1. In my books the biggest advantage is that the Sonoff has a power supply, a rely and a case available. Figuring those out for the D1 mini (esp. where 5-12v is not available) is a pain!

That being said, my Sonoffs are mostly just acting as Wifi switches, so I am theoretically wasting the capabilities of the ESP chip in every scenario… :stuck_out_tongue: