Customers: Why are women so much better than men?

Men have to be treated with kid gloves and you need to listen to all their stupid ideas to make them feel good.
Women simply accept what you say and no doubt put this to the test…
What more needs to be said??

Careful now… :slight_smile:

My wife would disagree :stuck_out_tongue:

Right, so… @Richard_Mackay is saying, if I understand this correctly, that men have a greater need for validation than women. And he’s actually not wrong. I’ve experienced that too, but perhaps not as badly as whatever happened to prompt this post!

To protect all of us I have moved this to “In the weeds”!

I’m sure some of our distinguished ladies will be here any time now …:wink:

I can’t wait to hear their opinion/s…

They won’t be coming with pitchforks, they will be coming with real weapons!
Weapons we fear most!

Yeah, I’ve seen and experienced that.

It is called the male EGO. Females don’t operate with the same EGO as men … ask my wife, she can explain it in detail.

EDIT: I just checked with her :rofl:
I said, males get worked up over small things because of their EGO … females see that happening and treats him like a little anxious little boy, calming him down, making him feel “big, strong, and clever again”.

And yes, if I tell her XYZ she will accept it … if it makes sense to her.
But I also know, that if she just accepts it, be very aware.

See, IF what I said comes on her radar again for whatever reason, she WILL put it to the test!

Heaven help me if I gave her a stupid idea. Trust is gone, from then on she will also verify EVERYTHING.

Be careful.

Some of the stuff that comes across my YouTube feed suggests that there is a fundamental difference in how the world treats men, which may well cause them to crave that recognition more.

  1. If you look at suicide numbers, men are easily double that of women.
  2. Women are a lot more likely to get help with their mental health. To a guy, we’ll probably tell him to man up.
  3. Fatalities in the work place: Overwhelmingly men.
  4. Need to send the military to fix something? Mostly men.
  5. When there is a divorce, the man is significantly more likely to get the short end of it, lose access to his kids and have to pay for it.
  6. Research (on dating apps, so there is selection bias involved here!) has shown that 80% of the women goes for the 20% most attractive men. The rest of the men are doomed to swipe right on everyone and hope for for that 20% odds.

The result, so it seems to be, is that men (the ones who aren’t crazy yet) take the following position: I will take a lot of your crap, as long as there is reciprocity.

I think that leaks out into everything, and is perceived as men being babies.

Or maybe all of this is just me babbling.

Read similar.

Also, read that men need to “get more comfortable in their own skin” … by women.

Apparently, the world has turned its back on “manly” men … I’m now supposed to use Dove soap and slap on some moisturizer … and don’t open doors for women, don’t offer to help a woman unless she asks, and each must pay their own dinner bill … the list goes on.

Thought of this …