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Post some interesting energy news links maybe? If it doesn’t fit in another live topic.

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Vatso Flaffie! Now, we can hope, hopefully n to in vain, that they will stop doing so. If I was to be a betting man… I am not…


Again, really hate it when the negative people are right… but here is my story. When COVID hit and a heap of money was thrown at it, I thought that SURELY this time we are all in it together and SURELY this time the money will be wisely spent. SURELY these are “our people” more than usual and SURELY this time the theft will abate a little.

Man, was I disappointed.

If a large space rock is ever headed our way, like in the movies, I bet you these people will steel the funds needed to send Bruce Willis and his chaps up there…

Oh, and don’t call me Shirley.

Hey man, you are welcome to any pronouns… :man_shrugging:t3: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Probably gave away my age there with the Bruce Willis reference…

Just call me “Handluggage” … I can then fly for free.

What is the saying about taking a horse to the water….


Absolutely agreed. There is an ancient story of wisdom that states you cannot simply bless someone by saying: May you have enough to eat and sleep warm! Doing that without actually providing something to eat is empty words…

Similarly, asking for 75% EAF without providing the means to get there… empty words. That’s like asking your coach driver to go faster when the horse is already close to dead…

Jy kan die perd tot by die water bring en dan hom help versuip. Is dit daai een? :grin: :smile:

Ek dink ons is oppad soontoe … ek wil help versuip.

My word … and we moan about shading … this is next-level shading! :rofl:

Bypass diode working real hard right now…

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No worries, cloud edge effect making up for that :grin:


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Two farmers meet at the border fence between their farms. After a while, one of them says to the other: Neighbour, climb over the fence and get out of the rain man!

This is a good article. Gives me some hope.