CT Based company for CoC and COCT registration

I have an install which is mostly working well. I just need a CoC and CoCT registration. Does anyone know of a Cape Town based company that can do the legwork for me. Install is to spec, might need some minor labelling improvements, just need the engineer sign off and CoCT approval.

@Rautenk is your man for the engineering stuff.

Electrician - Herman Van Niekerk the Installation Electrician for the CoC: +27 82 494 1571

Both of them do it right …

Years ago I wanted the inverter at a certain spot.
Herman refused. Nope, kids can get there. Not doing it. Forget it.
Me like, Why(!), there are NO kids in this house. All are grown assed adults!
Many years later a 2.6-year-old girl runs around in Ouma and Oupa’s house.
Herman called it … it is good when a professional person sticks to their guns at all times.

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Exactly one of the things I complained about.

Kids can get to the battery isolator.

Installer…meh its ok.

Me. very annoyed.