Crazy things seen/bought at metal recyclers

To help kick off our new general discussion category, let me share the luckiest find I ever bought from a metal recycler where I browse every so often.

An almost mint 10 inch Sky -Watcher telescope, on a EQ-6 mount, which even had a 20mm eyepiece still attached. It did have a few scratches on the tube and no counterweights, but I went back the next week, dug around and managed to find all three of the weights. :vb-smile:

Just crazy what people will get rid off, often without realizing the true value.


maybe it was stolen :vb-smile:

Possibly, but I spoke to the owner, who said a young couple brought it in.

They did not give a reason for selling it, so it possibly belonged to an older parent, who no longer used it.

I very almost bought a Yamaha P2H piano for 15k last week. Unfortunately, the owner mentioned to his children that they are selling it, and the kids suddenly realised they want it… so I lost the opportunity. A P2 is middle-of-the-range (better than an M1, but not quite as good as the U1)… but these sell for 30k-40k when in good shape…

So now I am really hoping for another emigration sale where someone does not quite realise what they’ve got. This morning I saw a G1 (baby grand) go for 80k… also a good price, but a bit out of my reach :slight_smile:

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