Cost effective 72 cell controller for 12v system

Hi all

One of my workers asked me to assist him.
I’m looking for solar controller options for 72 cell panels for a 12v system, at least a 30A controller.

I don’t really know what’s out there, especially when it comes to more cost effective controllers. Victron MPPT will be ideal, but it’s too expensive.

Check the EPEVER range. Also depends on your PV panel specs


I assume that your man has panels and a battery…
I presume also that it’s a lead acid battery?
Is there any history itr?

@JN.V I’m assuming you have not yet checked out this thread Black Friday specials

You can get the blue MPPT 100/30 for R1600+vat until tomorrow. I don’t think you are going to get much better option, except the Smart 100/30 for R1800 :slight_smile:

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Thanks, when initially posting this question I actually thought their sale was over, I actually bought myself a 75/15 from them just last week.