Correct use of 3kva inverter 24v with solar

I have a grid tied 3kva 24v inverter with 2 x 600 watt panels and 2 x 200ah 12v gel batteries. The batteries are failing and only provide energy for about 1 hour until dead. I have run these batteries for 3 years.
I want to replace the gel batteries with 2 x Lithium 100ah batteries and I need about 400 watts available for 6 to 8 hours per day split into 2 hours off time.

Will 2x 100ah 12v Lithium batteries connected in series be sufficient?

Why not get a 24v lithium? Pylontech makes one and so do other manufacturers.

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400w for 8 hours equals 3.2kwh and 2x 12v 100ah batteries is only 2.4kwh (100% dod) excluding efficiency losses. 400w for 6 hours is 2.4kwh…
2x 100ah lithium batteries wil not be sufficient to provide 400w for 6 hours.
if you mean that the system will run for 2hours and have some time to charge(either solar or grid) before the following 2hours then 2.4kwh will be sufficient.
if you mean that the system will run for 3 - 4 hours and charge for 2 hours then run again for 3 - 4 hours, then yes it will be sufficient assuming a charge current in excess of 50A

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The cost is just to high unfortunatley

What inverter? Having a single battery is preferable to having two separate ones, so that you have one BMS that can keep everything balanced. If you use 2 separate batteries, you have to add another balancer to balance between them. Perhaps something like this:

(I am not endorsing the battery in any way other than it’s the first one I found that looks to have a BMS that could be compatible with most brands of inverter.)

Hi, its a 3kva Hybrid inverter. and thank for the advice